Sony Ericsson Closed its Operations in Pakistan


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Famous mobile phone company, Sony Ericsson, has closed it offices in

Pakistan. The local management has been asked to stop working with

immediate effect. The decision has been taken by the head office as

the Pakistani management could not perform well and make possible any

commercial activity during the last 6 months. According to market

statistics, Sony Ericsson handsets are out of stock since the end of

first quarter of 2008. Newly appointed distributor Teletec Mobiles has

not been able to buy stocks from the company since its appointment in

Pakistan. As per analysts, distributor failed to buy phones in order

to avoid risk involved in buying stock on cash as the shortage of cash

had been felt in the market well before the company resorted to this

decision. On the other hand, local management remained weak in finding

another distributor.

Globally, Sony ‘ CEO Howard Stringer recently disclosed that the two

companies(Sony and Ericsson) need to reform their cooperation

otherwise the joint venture would fail.

Sony Ericsson has been enjoying strong growth recently, its South

Korean rival LG Electronics overtook it in Q1 2008 due to the

company’s profits falling significantly by 43% to €133 million, sales

falling by 8% and market share dropping from 9.4% to 7.9%, despite

favourable conditions that the handset market is expected to grow by

10% in 2008. The situation is getting worse as Sony Ericsson announced

another profit warning in June 2008 and saw net profit crash by 97% in

Q2 2008, announcing that it would cut 2,000 jobs, leading to wide fear

that Sony Ericsson is on the verge of decline along with its

struggling rival, Motorola.

In Pakistan, the already in demand brand is being brought into the

country from grey/parallel channels in order to satisfy the need of

customers to limited extent.

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I prefer Sony Ericsson over Nokia, but apparently others don't!


BTW its only on the internet, no news on TV or newspapers regarding this ...


who cares


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Sony Ericsson will now control the entire Pakistani operation from

Dubai, distributor Teletec will keep representing them in Pakistan. In

the absence of any country team from the SE, Teletec will have more

responsibility in terms of selling and marketing as well. As per them

they are going to bring the handsets into the market by the end of

current week.

I just visited the market today, someone has already supplied S500 and

K530 just before the Teletec could do.




not good everything is !!


Isn't that more of a bad news since the warranty claims and repairs et al will be at the mercy of Teletec? I don't have a good experience with United Mobile, I'm afraid.


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Isn’t that more of a bad news since the warranty claims and repairs et al will be at the mercy of Teletec? I don’t have a good experience with United Mobile, I’m afraid.

we can just wait and see but if Sony erricson is choosing them then they must have done their homework


yesterday i read in news paper that Sony Ericsson said that they have not closed there operation in Pakistan but they have closed there offices and all dealings will be done in pakistan thru the Dubai office. but will continue to work in Pakistan.


Yes. I heard it on news on some FM channel as well. They are not closing operations in Pakistan.

I think they are making similar move like Nokia. I would be really happy if they open up customer support in Pakistan like Nokia has done.


But why are they not bringing in the new phones????