Song info required


Can somebody tell which movie is this song from

Yeh ashiqi meri yeh bekhudi meri

Yeh dil lagi hai zindagi meri





Tu ban gai hai zindagi meri

Tu ho gaya mera mein ho gai teri

Tu ban gaya hai bandagi meri


such a great shirk is there in this song

please don't listen or sing this song because it would lead u to the shirk

and shirk is the biggest sin which Allah will never forgive.

u know bandagi is just for Allah and for none other than HIM


Shirk in another song:

میری زندگی کے مالک، میرے دل پہ ہاتھ رکھ دے

تیرے آنے کی خوشی میں میرا دم نکل نا جائے

The sole مالک of our life is Allah. Avoid this song and spread the word too.


who the hell listen/watches these BS anyways........ ?


LOL @ shirk.

qasim, I think it was from the movie Aashiqui..


Hey why don't you spread this: LISTENING TO MUSIC IS HARAAM!! Don't be hypocrites spreading words against the songs you don't like.