Someone's residential OPEN WIFI and your moral limits? Share here


Well there are always some dumb internet users in neighborhood who just don't password protect their residential WIFI. so share if you happen to be getting good signal from such WIFI from your dumb neighbor then what morally and ethically you gonna do with all that free internet bandwidth? I am not talking about hacking into someone's network at instead if it just happens to be all OPEN (NOT PASSWORD PROTECTED}


Well in my case there are two scenerios

1- If I am getting such OPEN WIFI signal from my neighbor then i'll morally and ethically will 99% of time not use his OPEN WIFI and if I find out who it belongs to then I might tell him/her to password protect it, or may be i my internet is down then I might connect to his WIFI just to check email or facebook etc and will never run torrent or anything.

2- well if am outside and i really need to get connected to internet through laptop or phone for 10 or 15 minutes then if i find such OPEN WIFI then i'll 100% use it without any guilt of course for light usage only.


if there is, and i need it, i will use it.




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People use to bug inside with bluetooth to search for an open minded girl near to them who may give them some lift to fulfill their wild animal desires.



Can anyone tell me how to search for an open minded girl nearby for franship!!!\

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if in order to log into your "open" wifi connection at universities residential buildings you need to log in, then you could be being logged because these signals are trusted

if it is a wifi that is trying to log everything you are doing, it can obviously get your location, your MAC address, EVERYTHING you send on the network, including all your sites, passwords, etc..

it can even send you fake webpages could be thinking that you are looking at facebook and you put in your password and username, but the wifi actually is just pretending to be a faebook site in which case you are just giving away your login credentials....

so beware from these wifi open signals


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If I found any open WIFI, I will never break into that for any of my personal lust or something else. It’s against good human’s moral values.

People use to bug inside with bluetooth to search for an open minded girl near to them who may give them some lift to fulfill their wild animal desires.


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I knew a guy who used to do this… he would send an image (his cell number plus some dirty text) to any cell phone which was accepting BT connections. We ended up not seeing him before he could cause embarrassment to all of us.

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As for your moral limits, I would not use any open WiFi connection even if the owner doesn’t mind it but I will also not tell them that its open or that they should password protect it. Its none of my business.


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Common? It's because the other person doesn't turn their bluetooth off. No one appreciates it when you start hijacking their phone via bluetooth.

Anyway - as far as open wifi is concerned, I guess I won't use it generally (and would rather pay for my own connection) unless I'm in a dire need or something. If I can hold off the neighbor's wifi spot, I will.

But then - on the other hand, I'm really not sure how I'll react then. We all seem to be very ethical while replying on this thread, but just exactly how many of us will keep our word?

But yeah - assuming I continue to exploit the openness, there would be a time when I'd get sick of using the neighbor's wifi and would rather set up my own connection wherever I am - there's a time when that voice in your head says "grow up!".


^ Bluetooth is history i guess? That's the Wifi age :D




I use it only and if I really need to.....then I connect to its shared drive and copy movies(mostly porn) from them :P


Wasn't there a post a little while ago that said we all should open our WiFi's so that everyone could use it? May your neighbor read that post...


The house next to mine is being used as an office and they have this open wifi connection. Speedtest shows me it's a 'plc' connection and the download and upload speeds are both 1mb so its a pretty handy connection to have when my internet is down. I have no qualms about using an open connection, if the users are dumb enough to leave it open, my using that connection isn't going to cost them more money is it? Also the office closes at 5 anyway so I may as well put that connection to good use while it lies I also have this app for Android called wardrive, it basically detects any unsecured wifi connection as you drive along and marks its location on the map, pretty cool app :)