Someone had VR Experience?

:smile: :smile: :smile:
so your kids will pray for these types of sales to have more candies :wink:

kids are watching us thoroughly and trying to act like us or other elder ones especially see the girls when they are playing School School and trying to copy their teachers :slight_smile:


Received VR box today. Quality is okayish for me but kids are enjoying and I was right they don’t want to take turns but use all the time :smiley:
Good time pass though for kids

Today had first fall of my 4A due to VR box :frowning: … its locking is not good and while moving a little fast its mobile holder pan automatically ejected … Rs14500 were nearly gone due to Rs 800

3D movies look good though :slight_smile:

very bad, it was very impressive brand… i think for Pakistani people (their best friends) they send their bad production. don’t know why the industry leading people doing like this only to earn some money?
anyway, if we use something then we can know about the good and bad.
very sorry for your disappointment. but what we tried to done was to make happy our children.

Did you also noticed same issue of lock not being tight enough or this is only with my product?
Yeah my kids do enjoy and that’s enough justification of money spent :slight_smile: