Some Free Educational Resources for the main site, includes links to youtube channels of univ.’s like mit, Stanford etc. under videos category.

Loads of vids broken down by subjects. Basic Maths, advanced maths, physics, Programming course videos

Lots of links including to some vids of the calculus lifesaver from Princeton, computer science and web design courses/vids/resources

In beta, but looks very nice, sciences, maths, computer science, engineering course vids. Still in development I think, but still good resources. and

Open courseware consortium. Numerous universities including MIT. Lecture notes, some courses have vids. for high school students. for the main MIT site.

Not too many courses but includes three introductory courses taken by Stanford computer science undergrads and seven more advanced course. Vids and course materials.

Open courseware resources

Some engineering resources.

Free textbooks --- All of the books are offered for free by their respective copyright holders for online viewing.

Virtual University of Pakistan's youtube channel with approx 4000+ vids

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any link to get free tutorials of php and photshoping

For PHP essentially everything you'll need is here:

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any link to get free tutorials of php and photshoping

I will look in my bookmarks later and if I find other photoshop or php links, I might post later.

Check out my site :)

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I will look in my bookmarks later and if I find other photoshop or php links, I might post later.


Ongoing short video series of php tutorials. Just at the beginning currently.

Some free tuts for the complete beginner

Nice — going from installation, beginner to advanced. 25 Resources to Get You Started with PHP from Scratch.

php and photoshop categories

Photoshop Videos and other

A whole planet with vids

Is this for O level or equivalent examinations?

No, I don’t think so. More of university level. Some introductory, some advanced. What exactly are you looking for? Subject, topic, level? You would be surprised at what google might throw up if you play around with different keywords and operators. I was initially looking at maths basics, refreshers and advanced resources on the net, as well as open courseware and ended up bookmarking lots of stuff I liked. I have loads of maths links on precalc, trig., calculus and university level courses. I think I have some GCSE, A level, high school revision sites in my bookmarks as well, but I didn’t conduct a comprehensive search for these qualifications. Just came across some topics that interested me and I bookmarked them temporarily till I get the chance to sift through the material (about 100 math links). So, if you are looking at specific syllabi etc., try a google search. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then drop a post about specifically what subject and what topics are covered as well as what you want from the search and maybe, ppl on the forum might be able to find the material.

Edit: Apropos previous photoshop query, came across a digg article pointing to

for select photoshop tutorials

Second Edit:

I don’t know much about O’Level syllabus and testing. Try Google search. Playing around with operators and keywords can yield some very useful materials.

Anyways, here are some sites that although they may not be specifically geared to O’levels, they may still have some similar/same topics.

Some math vids

Math review site

Click on a course, then on-line lectures, some useful realplayer vids

Maths topics

Some O level resources, Various O level subject, some past papers

Cliffs notes

Elementary high school math

Nice topics. Useful

Good topics

GCSE Revision


Some GCSE, A level and SAT youtube channel (vids searched for gcse)

“Mathematics tutorials are suitable for anyone in secondary mathematics education, particularly those in the age range 11 - 16+.”

Google. Theres lots of free legit stuff out there.

Two new resources. Youtube edu channel ( and "academic earth" (Academic Earth - Video lectures from the world's top scholars)

Learning: YouTube EDU Brings Free Education to the Masses

Education: Academic Earth Aggregates Lectures from MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Others