Solve my problem

give me suggestion please

i am using ptcl broadband with wifi of 2mb speed. the speed and connectivity is good.but due to load shedding , i cant continously use internet when light goes.

so, i my first question is that ,

ptcl keeps ups for 24 hours services of internet at their exchange or the nearest point ,where they provided me internet

if yes , so how can i enable my router in case of power failure ,i mean how can i give supply to the router through adopter .please send me answer on my email id which is given below

You can use UPS with your PC and router.

Go to hafeez center . com, there are numerous people selling ups just for router. They are around 2.5 to 3.5 k and work nicely. Mine is working ok since 1 year now.


In addition to the usual suggestions, you may also get a usb modem like speedtouch 330 or a usb 'compatible' wireless router like HG521 (5v, 1A) ... I use the latter with a usb lamp cable but you can also modify the adapter cable using a connector and a usb extension cable ... also, this can be powered by mobile backup batteries that are quite common and more efficient than lead acid ones!


Ahmed Faraz