SOftware to stop adult sites?

Hello guyz i was looking for a software to counter with adult sites i know i can ban some with internet explorer or firfox extension but they are hell lot others who showed up so i wana some really good software to tract down most if not all adult sites



Kaspersky's Content Blocker/Parental Control is really for you. it's intelligent.

but these are not separate utility, you need to install the whole package Kaspersky AV, or Kaspersky IS.

I am using it only for these. and really satisfied with it keeping it on my Home PC.

yes it is licensed, but I've tried many other free softwares for that and always have gotten back my PC with KS.

Do try the family safety feature of the windows live essential suite. ( I'm sure that is what you need though i think windows vista and 7 has some parental controls built in but it would have to be applied unto a non administrator account (Not your own.)

as I know, live family safety doesn't have enough database of restricted or bad sites.

and neither it have any algorithmic search features to detect newly discovered websites with the help of its content detection.

and one have to filter manually the sites what he/she wants or doesn't want to to be visited on a computer.

edit: that's my experience with it when I used it may be 5 or 6 months ago.

you could also use Open DNS as your DNS service they have an adult filter list which is based on specific content and plus with it u dont need to install any software