Software of sony ericsson k800i

salam... i have sony ericsson k800i. my fone's applications are not working. when i try to open it, it gives a msg "operation failed". i formated my fone as well as scanned but useless. any1 has its software CD or knows any site to get the software so that i can reset my software...

search in or

You need to download XS++ software, search on google. Then you need firmware files. You witll get it on google too or look in SE-NSE forums. Then just flash your mobile with the latest firmware. If it doesn't work, download the FS of your phone the reflash it with both firmware and FS.

This will solve your problem. If your having some trouble. PM me.


a few months ago I wrote an article regarding how to flash your sony ericsson fone and all the steps required.

Check this tutorial/article out:

Dude Take it to some shop or search on esato forums.i Heard of this problem but never happened with my k800


oh and adnan shoaib, i remember on of my friend facing this problem with his k800 also. i'm not sure if flashing has k800 fixed the problem. but give it a try.

I'm happy with my k790. great phone and no probs so far.

SE FTW! :)