Software Model for a Website?

Actually i'm going to design my department's website. what SE approach i should use. and what life cycle? Also give the solid reason.

use "eversoft 1st page"

its a great software for web development for beginners with alot of built in scripts for great designs

but for pros i ll advise adobe dream weaver but caution it is very complicated for beginners never try it for fun or it will drive u crazy......

Sir I know how to design in dreamweaver with help of adobe photoshop. i think you didn't pick my point i was talking about SDLC or Software model. Can you suggest me


if you want to get opinions about life cycle of your software development process then this is not the right place for you. you must have asked first that is there any body from SE. otherwise you may get improper answers

any ways this depends on your requirements. that what modal will be suitable for you.

you seem to be a student of software eng...?

Yes i'm a student Of SE. Ya i'm confused while selecting the appropriate life cycle for making web. I know the requirements but still i'm confused. If you've suggestions than most welcome and please guide me.

Sorry, but I can't resist. No offense, but you want us to teach you SE (Software Engineer). Ooo! I am engineer too :)

Easy way of SE (Software Engineer) is to hire third-class-lower-level-slave-worker people (like me and maybe ShoukaT join me too) and get a bullwhip and force them on very low salaries and get work done in record time under schedule. That's what Software Engineer Managers do. :D

On the serious note, first forget whatever you read in text books. In practical world, you do work to get work done and paid, not to fill papers or disk-files (diagrams, flowcharts are bu**sh**).

If someone is monitoring your progress and you have to report what you have done then try the "government officer style 'yes sir, yes sir!'" or commonly known as Waterfall processes. It take much longer time but your superior will be very happy with you (remember to report on each step).

If it's a team and a large project then I'll suggest to go with iterative and incremental development (that's what I mostly use).

But I presume you are alone in this project and it's a small project AND if you are not reporting to anyone for project then why waste time; just simply; design, implement, deploy. Cut the crap out of things. Make things simple and easier to make life easier.

If you get offended then sorry about this post, but I just can't resist whenever I see someone flashing his/her badge of "engineer" :D

Thanks for your suggestion. Luckily i've a team and we're trying our best. We're at initial stage of any working. We've done just requirement phase. still going. our team is not much bigger but 15 in numbers. I'm thinking to use spiral or iterative. both can be effective. We don't have to report anyone but our target users are needed to be communicate over the period.

^ Good luck with your project. Response from helpful users who can test your betas and nightly builds can help you get better QA pass.

Yes i'll review our making very soon to all. Still going with inception. So can't right now.