Software Development Company Setup In Lahore

Does anybody know the fastest and cheapest way to setup a software company in Lahore?

Short answer; Two words: Learn programming!

Welcome to Your first post is a question, majority of users join us like this, nothing wrong in it :)

I think when someone doesn't know coding himself/herself then that person has to relay on trusted lead-programmers and project managers, which means more money and that is not cheap. Fastest way is always "money way". More money, more people, less time consumption.

I shall suggest you to get a good consultant to start software house. Otherwise, after few months, when you'll run out of capital, you'll be cursing people who suggested you to start software house to make quick money.

IT bubble burst in 2000. Real estate bubble burst in 2007. Banking/Saving bubble burst in 2008. I wonder there is still money in selling earthenware :D

In this case fastest and cheapest are not mutually exclusive...

If you want fast you will need money to acquire lots of quality resources....

If you want cheap you will have to start off slow with a few resources (get lots of free interns :P) and hopefully build from there...

In fact, it's a pretty absurd one line question...its as if you are asking where to buy keemay ke samosay in Lahore....

give some background, how much capital are you willing to invest, what kind of software do you hope to build, do you have any prior experience etc....

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In fact, it’s a pretty absurd one line question…its as if you are asking where to buy keemay ke samosay in Lahore…

True, very true. LOL @ keemay ke samosay

I say Shirin Mahal FTW!!

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True, very true. LOL @ keemay ke samosay