SMS And E-Mails Against Zardari Sahib is declared a Crime!

I just read in the newspapers that sending sms as well as emails against Government and Armies is declared a big crime! The violators will be sent in the prison for 14 years and it also includes the others punishments!

So beware of the Situation now! :|

But one thing is not understandable by my mind that how they can track millions of cellular and internet users about violation of that provision...?

Comments plz!

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Oh Sorry! I cud not See the previous one! Modz u can close that thread!

i heard about two months back that sms pakages will be closed and 1 sms wud be of 6 rs :) expensive than a call......... heheh

Zardari is mad and he cant do anything about this they can never trace sms as the ratio of sms in pakistan is much higher and 2ndly considering this a crime he must improve himself , be a good human being... and thts never possible soo chill he cant do anything against this :)