Slave Hard Drive problem

I got a new desktop pc and installed my old hard drive as slave correctly and secondary hard drive shows in device manager also but when i go into explorer to access my data then there was only shows a new folder "G" about 5GB size but the actual size of the slave hdd is 80GB and there is no data this is what I see..

Local Disk(G:)


So problem is that i cannot access my data on slave hard drive and folder appears only windows files in G and size shows about 5gb,so pls anyone can guide me whats wrong ??


what does disk management show?

@ TeraBite

A screen shot of Device Manager might help a little. By the way, are you sure for jumpers on both master and slave hard disks?

Are both drives formatted in the same scheme

(FAT32, NTFS, etc) ?.




Sheikh 'Jhanjar Pupdina...' Chilli

@ sheikh_chilli

Does it realy matter... i mean, i don't think that formatting scheme is actually an issue.