Skype to skype calls on PTCL landline

I don't live in Pakistan but frequently call my family.I was wondering what is the call quality on PTCL landline when using skype to skype calls.

If you use it frequently please share your views and experience.

I live in Pakistan and my relatives in UK, Spain and USA, we talk skype to skype. I have subscribed to Unlimited World (calling to 36 countries) and I have two skype-in (London and New York's local number) so that my relatives there can use their local phone and dial my skype in number which will hit on to my skype and i'll be talking to them via my pc to their local or mobile phone. Why don't u ask your relative in Pakistan either to opt for Unlimited Country (the country where you are right now) or Unlimited World (36 countries, if they have any other relatives in other parts of the world) and talk to them from their computer to their/your landline or mobile. I don't think skype to skype calling on ptcl number would have good voice quality. Check out yourself for the subscriptions here

I live in US and have unlimited US subscription.Family back home have dialup.I asked them to try calling my number using the dialup.To my surprise,the call quality was amazingly clear.

Skype seems to have invested a lot in improving voice quality so as to be accessible to those who use dialup.

Skype is good like anything... best plan to call US and other other countries from Pakistan

By the way world subscription package includes 34 countries, not 36 - correct me if i am wrong.

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Skype is good like anything… best plan to call US and other other countries from Pakistan

By the way world subscription package includes 34 countries, not 36 - correct me if i am wrong.


Well go to this link and you’ll get the answer i just checked today and it says 38 countries and not 36, (Argentina and Russia are the two new countries included in their World Unlimited Subscription).

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My question, is using skype legal ?

Whether it is 36 or 38 it doesn't matter as much to Pakistan.If they have included a couple of new countries like Hungary or Lithuania,what difference does it make.I asked a senior Skype official that Pakistan should be included in the unlimited calls list since Skype would be tapping into a market of 170 million.

He said that they want to do that but the Pakistani authorities have imposed heavy taxes on all international calls to Pakistan,as such that doesn't look likely atleast for now.

In an age,where phone and telecom rates are coming down rapidly,Pakistan chose to increase its rates for reasons only they know themselves.

I believe selling it cheaply to Etisalat has been a huge blunder.Not only have they bought it for cheap,they have also increased all of its rates across the board.

yeh and i think they are not giving voip licence to all companies.

Has anyone tested Brain Net IP Phone ??

^ tested. but atleast I m not satisfied.

subscribed with lahore's number (042).

called from Saudia on a broadband internet to Lahore's PTCL landline. and vice versa

voice quality very poor, in each conversation.

customer service is also not good.

" Yes I have tried and it works very well, I have also found another new service that allows you to have Pakistani Phone Number on Skype, it is 5.99$ a month for unlimited incoming calls , Like Skype In Service, but from Pakistan , try it free for 1 week on and"