Skype over GPRS/EDGE

I want to use skype from my phone (through mini fring). Does someone know how much data wold be transferred for a minute of skype call. how would the call quality be.

better get warid unlimited....on prepaid the call will be really expensive:)

Will Skype ever use a CODEC that can work with GPRS EDGE? ... Skype over EDGE is

awful. Chat messaging is fine, but voice is not going to be ...

Well,Tried To Call My Brother In Uk With Fring The Other Day Using Zong Unlimited Gprs package.Voice quality was alright with little cuts here and there(Usual For Shitty Zong Gprs)The other problem i faced was that my voice was delivering late on the other end...thats the problems i had.

lekin free mein yahin kuch milta hai na

Fring and nimbuzz both worked fine with zong gprs with little cuts in voice ofcourse.