Sister of Primer Minister writing "sifarashi" letter

Welcome to Pakistan :D

^hmm yar dats very common in pakistan.......widout sifarish no one can survive in our pakistan


yeah even if you do qualify you need to have some safarish otherwise kam nahi banata :P

^very true..DO AS THE ROMANS DO....:|

Sad :(

My lips are sewed to say anything more.

imagine if PM's sister is like that then what would PM's sons and brother might be doing.

pffft.. so sad

is it possible that it is a forged paper?

It is definitely forged.

even if it is these kind of things do happen and are very common infact we don't need such proves

I really don't understand the purpose and direction of this thread. Plus its likely to disintegrate into another rant thread against politicians and the government. Please don't post such material. Closing thread.