Should we go nuclear?


are we on the brink of a nuclear war again?

have we reached the tipping point?

can we afford a war?

to my understanding our nuclear capability is the only deterrance against total collapse and to my surprise the principle of might is right still holds true.


no one is gonna go nuclear. nothing is gonna happen. media on both sides is crazy. Indians govt is just trying to calm their people and in this situation their is only one to blame. Pakistan. I just heard one of Indian critics on NDTV and he was saying going war against Pakistan will be the worst move by Indian Govt.


Well, I think if situation become that critical, then India might use their nuclear weapons, but never expect such a bold decision from Pakistan.


Our problem is not India. It is our Govt.




Sheikh 'Toto' Chilli


man the whole thing happened due to poor intelegence agencies of india

to cover it they are diverting people's attention

so that no one talks about their performance........


^^True That!

A Musharaf would have been better in such a Situation


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Our problem is not India. It is our Govt.




Sheikh ‘Toto’ Chilli


x2. QFT.