Shophive reputation - urgent!

Need a quick answer about ordering from Shophive (Lahore): Go or No Go? I want to place an order in the next hour.

Are they reliable with order payment and warranty claims?

Quick answer: Yes.

Shophive prices are almost double from the actual price

thts true..they are damn expensive...even expensive then Hafeez Centre...just few blocks away from Al-Hafeez View(Shophive)

I got a laptop cheaper from them compared to when Galaxy had that model and with some additional features that the model at Galaxy lacked.

Did you get the delivery on the same day?

No, I paid in the afternoon so it was shipped late in the evening. Should be here in a day or two.

double posted! sorry!

They're way over-priced but both the times I dealt with them, they delivered fine. Well, a member here got the same laptop that was available for 72k at shophive for 67k locally at hafeez center in Lahore.

The laptop was PKR94,500 on Galaxy with no Bluetooth and a single lamp LCD. The one at ShopHive had Bluetooth and had a dual lamp LCD. Plus, it was around 92K only.

Got the laptop in good condition. In fact, I am writing this post from the laptop.

Good service and next day delivery with no additional charges. Delivered via TCS. Shophive rep++.

hmmm gr888 ,, by the way my experience with shophive was good as well ,,,,, ordered a wifi router at about 12 at noon , and got it nearly 5PM :)