Shiro Modem Restart Problem!


Thanks to PTCL for providing Broadband in almost all small cities/towns & villages. I also live in a small city and the PTCL has launched broadband here. I got my broadband connection 2 weeks ago. Ok, here is the problem:

I purchased UPS 10 days ago. UPS specs are as follows:

- 1200 Watts (It trips when the load is more than 1100 Watts with overload feature)

- Brand New Excide Battey 200 AMP (n197)

My PC specs are: INTEL DualCore 2.2Ghz E2200, 2GB Ram, 120GB SATA, nVidia GeForce 9400GT

When the power cuts off, the PC doesn't reboot. But the DSL modem provided by PTCL (Shiro ADSL+ Moem) restarts. So it reconnects to the internet within 30sec to1 minute. BUT whenever the light (electricity) returns, the modem again RESTARTS!!!

Please do let me know a solution. Someone told me that I should buy a USB ADSL+ Modem which will not require external power / adaptor, as it will be get power throug USB. Pease suggest me a modem which will work fine in this case and the modem should have DMZ feature, because I need to forward all TCP ports to my Linux or FreeBSD Server.

Anyone has used Zyxel USB ADSL Modem? If so, please post your reviews about this product.

Thanks with best regards,

Taimur Hassan

Just an update to this thread.

After searching on this forum, I found that I should 12V adapter is good for Shiro ADSL Modem instead of the 9V Default Adapter. My network switch has 12V Adapter. I used 12V Adapter for DSL Modem and 9V for Switch. :)

Ok, the modem didnt restart when the power was cut off. But the Internet was disconnected, which I don't want to be disconect. So please suggest me a good ADSL+ Modem which will get power from computer's USB Port.

taimur89 bro i am using shiro adsl with 12V adapter rather them 9V and honestly saying that i have no problem at all even in low electricity disconnection or hang up...


^^ is it 1 ampere or 0.5 ampere?