Sharing on LAn?

I want a software for easy sharing on LAN..

So suggest an easy and user-friendly software for sharing over LAN????

You don't need any software...operating systems these days have out of the box support for file sharing on a network...

would u please elaborate???!!!

Microsoft Windows. :P

Well if you are not comfortable with window's built-in file sharing feature then try HFS

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would u please elaborate???!!!

if you are using Windows, and have setup your LAN, simply right click on a folder that you wish to share, and then goto the ‘Sharing’ tab…and enable sharing…then you can access that folder from another machine on the network by typing \yourmachinename (replace yourmachinename with the name of the machine on which you shared the folder)…you should see the folder that you shared in the explorer window that opens…the rest you should know…


let me try!!!!

On the same topic, I'd like to ask if there is a built in option in XP to make the shared folder visible only to selected computers over the LAN. Or even if we are allowed to install passwords on shared folders like the good old Win98.

To make a folder not visible to users you should add the dollar sign ($) to the share 'sharedfolder$'. Now when you access the computer from another machine, this folder will not be listed in the shared folders list...but if you type '\\computer-name\sharedfolder$' you should be able to view the contents of the folder...

Not sure about passwords but you can set permissions on the folder...just remove 'Everyone' group and add specific users, then only those specific users will be able to access...