Sharing connections


Guys i'm using ldn 512 kbps i tried username and password of one of my friend on my pc who has a 2mbps connection, it's working over here but only upto the 512kbps limit. Is there anything i can do to use it's full bandwidth????


Nope, the uplink port is set at your local exchange.


yeah the port speed is limited while ur line is patched at local exchange...though if u hve 512 connection u usually get around 250k upload speed, wiv a gud account u will get around 400k....


hey u r usin dsl or wimax????????

cuz nothin can be done if u r usin dsl(cuz ur bandwith is set via telephone exchange) but in wimax u should be getin the whole 2mbps cuz wateen's connection dont consider the bandwith until the password is entered.......


I've been using LDN's 512kbps package, and yes it's true that the speed limits are not imposed on account itself but they are imposed on telephone line by LDN. So if someone having a 2mbps account logins with my 512kbps connection on his pc then he'll still get 2mbps speeds.