Share your 3G/4G SpeedTest Results

Wtf zong not providing 4g, does anyone on this forum having 4g phone to confirm zong 4g please :mellow:

When did they say we will provide 4G before launching 3.5G? Wong will burry these lil telecom Operators alive .. Ptcl is also worried because of wong unmatachable power.

Yes Zong hasn't launched 4g yet. They're gonna get a good hold of 3g before moving to 4g. I think warid will launch their 4g first because they're already way behind everyone else and even their own customers are having second thoughts about them. Sent from my RM-845_nam_vzw_100 using Tapatalk

Umm... Super 3G is a marketing gimmick. All operators can provide that level of bandwidth if they have the means to (the license has nothing to do with this).

Telenor's speeds in the trial period fluctuated quite a bit (perhaps because everyone was torrenting). Now, it's generally stable, but Telenor's signal is crap.

So - more Mobilink tests, please!

^ I know, that's why i wrote it in quotes...

But you have to admit, Zong's speeds are much more impressive than what anyone else is offering right now.

I have got zong and mobilink ,mobilink speed doesnt cross 2Mbps,its their highest speed,i ave checked it in whole ISB tobe exact,whether its i f6 or f11 ,the speed is same,same goes for Peshawar.Zong speeds are mych better than Mobilink ,it easily cross 4Mbps and one thing which I noticed is that the browsing pickup of zong is absolutely great ,it feels like am browsing/surfing in USA eh

So… Is Zong really worthwhile an operator then? I know their 2G is absolutely horrendous…and now, so is Telenor’s and Ufone’s.

How many of you would like to migrate to Zong?

Oh well zong Edge was simply not that good.For me in 2G department warid worked really very good.Mobilink is oakish..secondly the coverage of mobilink in north region is crappy ,you wont receive a single signal in mountaineous region when you cross Harnoie for NathiaGali ,the whole pocket till NathiaGali is without mobilink signals,on the top you receive signals ,same goes for extreme north when you travel on KKH towards Dasu ,Bisham ,mobilink sucks big time,its good in Punjab or maybe sindh.Zong on the other hand has the strongest signals.I havent faced probs with it yet.Lastly their 3G is superior too.Its really fast

I will for sure vote ZONG.These guys are investing really hard on their network.

Telenor is far behind from all operator as far as 3G Roll out is concern They are stuck in trial coverage area

They are failed to provide 3G
Coverage in

And this is quite
Surprising an operator which was pioneer in offering Edge services

My expectations were so high from Telenor

Zong is currently the best 3G service provider


^ Completely agree about Telenor. I'm getting 3G signals from everyone except Telenor in my area. Hopefully they'll expand soon. Mobilink 3G coverage is getting better every day even though they're only in their trial period right now.

Telenor signals and speed both are pathetic. I am complaining to them from 1st may, no action yet. More then 10 complaints on same issue, and i am their postpaid customer.

Warid edge is still better then crap telenor internet.


Just tested mobilink 3G. Signal are good but speed is not.

Zong again:)


The winner is zong

Agreed .... TELENOR COVERAGE is very patchy lahore i get patchy signals of 3g...i assume situation is even worse out side lahore ....2 g was very nice on telenor but their 3 g is poor ..specially when they are providing charged services ..i m thinking to switch to zong ....

Another speed test Results

One speed test Result consume
About 40 Mb
Is it normal or some bug in Zong server
or in ookla

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[quote=“kafeelazam, post:38, topic:21110”]

Another speed test Results

One speed test Result consume
About 40 Mb
Is it normal or some bug in Zong server
or in ookla

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Its normal. When I tried doing speed tests back when I was in the US, each test consumed around 25MB or so.

The faster the speed, the more data it downloads to give you an average.


Zong. PECHS blk 6, khi.

Have to admit Zong's really upped their game since the advent of 3g in Pakistan. Gonna have to wait and see how quickly they improve on their coverage though. So far 3g is very limited. Step out of a pre defined radius, e.g. SITE you get shifted to their crappy 2g.