Share the Torrent SeedBox

hello my name is zahid i am from kamoke (gujranwala) right now i have a torrent seedbox if some one wanna share seedbox i will give him

2 torrents space upto 2 gb storage

RATE 400 rs

any body who is intested then contect me at


add mein yahoo

or dd me in

google talk

what is this why i will have to go to chicher wali ?

i just want to share my torrent account which i have baught so i just wanna share this no need to go any where ok ?

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ok now with rs 300 20 mb connection . 2 active torrents . 2 gb storage

ok mr zahid actually i do have a plan to buy frm u but in MAY

so if u still had this service at tht time then we will surely have a deal

i have seedbox right now but may b not in may, any how i love to seed so may b i never leave my seedbox .so u can add my address to contect with me when ever u want

300 for 2gb space 20 mb connection 2 active torrents


what is torrent.

is it an add-in.

why some websites offer to download files in torrent?