Share dsl internet in mobile

dawnload m-router.

and also gnubox for s60..

search it from google.

open m-router.

search your device and add it..

setup a com port..

it's com 5.

or may b different

Im configuring for N70!!

1.Install Gnubox on Your N70 (s60 PHONES).

2.Go to Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access points -> Go to Options -> New access point -> Use default settings->Change the connection name to Bt then save it.

3.-Run Gnubox and go to Options -> Install -> Create Records and then exit gnubox

4.Run Again Gnubox and Go to Options -> 2box Bluetooth -> Serial port (The phone will search for Bluetooth devices, select you PC (Bluetooth) and click OK)

4.again Go to Options -> Install -> change default AP to set Bt as your default Access Point

5.Then go to Options -> Debug -> Bring up IF (ye karne se may be gnubox hang ho jaee but no problem...

6.Then the phone will connected to your pc and show a message saying “Connection Open”


pair your mobile bluetooth.


dawnload gnubox.

Dsl in mobile :s is it true ? working ?

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Dsl in mobile :s is it true ? working ?

just in the range of 10 meters from ur PC, PC blue tooth needed,and PC is to be ON,

i think it is better to buy a phone with wifi , and chillllllllll

yes in s60 device only