Setup of UPS + Solar panels


Dear Friends i need help

i have 25 celling fan & 40 Energy Sever and want to culculation for 24 hours how many solar i need and how many kVA Inventor and battery i need sory for my english.


How many fans do you plan to use at one time on maximum?


I want 600 watts solar panel connect with China ups 1200watts.
Just I want to know is there any special connection for ups charging and solar system charging?
I means I want all automatic to convert to power line when evening and automatic convert to solar when morning.
Is it possible?


you can use a light sensor switch for this. i am not sure though where you can find it in pakistan

something similar to following:

light switch


There is always a LOAD output on the available solar charge controllers. use this to activate a relay to cut power to UPS during day. I have similar setup in my sister’s home and working very fine.
Only you need to consider adding some sort of battery volt monitoring and turn on wapda if battery goes down on cloudy days.