Setting Wireless network help needed

I have recently got ptcl dsl 1 mb on my home number. I want to setup wireless network so that dsl conection cud independntly be used on 3 pc's and 1 n82. 2 pc's on ground floor. One on upper. Range i guess is around 20 meter.

Can anyone guide me on what equipments i will need for whole setup? And how much will it cost? Any suggestions regarding product choice!

I also need help regardin settin up this network. If any one can point out to any online tutorial than it will be of gr8 help (i am gud at computr stuff but have no networking experience, or adequate knowldge).

Thnx in advance

Two more things

Will i be able 2 use dsl through this wireless setup on my n82, withouth switchin on a pc? Or will it be must 2 have one pc always switched on?

And How is performance of wireles network as compared to wired one?


^a good wireless router and wireless pci/usb cards for each pc should do the job and no you don't need to turn on the pc all the time to use it on your n82.


You'll need the following equipment:

1/ dsl modem (should be sold or leased to you by your isp; ptcl)

2/ wireless router (recommend the home-user/soho class) like linkysys, d-link, belkin or even tp-link; you don't need the expensive business-class routers

3/ wireless or wired NIC (network interface card) for each computer that needs to be on your home network

Pls check to see if your cellphone is wi-fi capable, if yes then it will connect wirelessly to the network

Pls decide whether or not you want your pc's to be connected wirelessly (less secure, less range, less consistent signal) or wired (more secure, more range at the cost of buying and installing cat-5 lan cable and more consistent signal)

Remember that your wired and wireless devices won't be considered to be part of the same network (your router will enable you to actually have 2 networks simultaneously; 1 wired and 1 wireless). you can bridge the 2 networks by buying an AP (access point) which is like a wireless router; this will allow the computers/phones on the wired and wireless networks to communicate across the 2 networks you'll have running at home.

20 meters is the extreme limit for a wireless router in our urban environment (since we use bricks, cement and metal/concrete beams in our construction). i recommend that you place the router on either the floor of the higher floor or on the ceiling of the lower floor (floor above is easier to access if you have to physically twiddle with it, ceiling is easier if you don't want others to twiddle with it).

Costs of equipment:

A decent new wired router will cost you 800-2,000 rs

A decent new wireless router will cost you 1,600-4,800 rs

New cat-5 cable will cost you 3-6 rs per foot

Plugs with protective boots (for the lan cable will cost you 5-10 rs per cable end)

A decent new 10/100 wired nic will cost you 250-400 rs

A decent new 54 mbps wireless nic will cost you 800-1,500 rs

A decent new access point will cost you 2,200- 4,800 rs

Remember that your phone can browse the web by using a pc as a gateway device to the web but then you ‘ll have to physically connect your phone to a pc that is powered up and connected to the web; strictly speaking, you don’t have to connect your phone wirelessly unless you really want to.

You only have to turn on the modem, router and the pc/phone you wish to use in order to browse the web; the rest of the pc’s can’t stay powered off; unless they need to talk to each other in real-time.

You now need to make some decisions about the nature of your network:

1/ Wired or wireless?

2/ Segregated or bridged via an AP?

3/ How many maximum devices need to be connected simultaneously? (this will tell you how many open ports you need for a peer network or networks)

4/ How much money can you spend (now and later) to start and to complete your network? ( you can spend a little just to get it started and add capacity/capability over time)

Once you know a little more about what you want the rest of us can help you structure the network.

All prices are from Galaxy and can be lowered by shopping/bargaining at other stores; Galaxy tends to be 5-10% higher than most smaller shops.

Good luck, having a home network can be a lot of fun once it’s working the way you want it to.



Nice Post Dude!


Thank you, I appreciate it. All around us we see people making choices in life. We can be a part of the general problem by giving them bad advice (intentionally or unintentionally), or we can be a part of the solution by sharing our knowledge constructively. That's what it takes to develop and maintain a viable society.

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thanks for such a detailed post, V. It clarifies most of things 2 me. really appreciate ur effort.

well, I wanted wireless networking for 2 reasons. 1) so that I can use net on my n82 anytime without turning on my PC (n82 has built in wireless modem) and 2) I will not need to install any new wiring around the house.

Budget below 5 thousand is feasible for me. But I dont think I can comprise on quality (security will not be issue, i guess). I need networking only for dsl sharing purposes and not data sharing b\w PC's.

I will go to market in a day or two to do little research abt products and their prices by my self. and depending on circumstances will choose b\w wired or wire-less network.




which city are you in?


I also want to buy a wireless router but i m confused in making any choice. I want to connect to laptop having wifi, mobile with wifi and desktop pc with wire to the wirless router. Right now i m using USB dsl modem. I dont know whether i should buy dsl modem + wireless router so that i don't have to turn on the pc all the time as in case of usb modem.

Secondly i m not sure if i shd buy only one wireless router / access point (which i prefer) so that i have to use one thing only i.e. phone wire into router thats it (no modem). If its possible then which one should i buy?