Setting up VPS need help

good day WP i am setting up one VPS for personal use i want to link it with domain i have registered on another registrar now with vps i have 2 ip's

like :



now as far i know i have to register a new name servers for vps at my domain registrar eg if my domain is :

i have set name servers like : > abc.def.ghi.1 (ip) > abc.def.ghi.2 (2nd ip )

in FQDN i entered :

but its still not working :( any help guys ?

add domain record in your VPS DNS

thanks for reply o.O but i added a domain record like for main domain name i have assigned ip still getting error

a question : at domain registrar i should change nameservers of domain too ?

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a question : at domain registrar i should change nameservers of domain too ?

Yes , two steps.

1. Register the NS on your domain against two Ips you have. I believe you have done this part.

2. Point your domain NS at registrar to these newly registered NS.

Then give time for DNS propagation, the NS may take some time before responding.

Which control panel if any are you running on your vps ?

Check your domain on sites like or , to see if NS are pointed fine and DNS service on the VPS is responding fine. If not then make sure inbound udp port 53 is opened in your vps firewall.

If you need any help , email me and I will get this sorted out for you.

thanks for very helping post brother , actually i have it like i am trying to link one domain to vps i have edited the NS of that domain to ip's of my server , now i want to add 3 other domains on this vps too for them i will change their NS to

right ?

thanks oO and riz its all perfect now , prob was that it just requires some time for changes , after 4-5 hours it all went so smooth .

You are welcome, Good to hear its all sorted, ya its DNS propagation that takes some time.

For NS you can use same NS for all other domains , or if you wish or there is requirement you can register seperate NS for each individual domain against same two IPs, and then use them.