Setting up a HUAWEI HG510 with a Linksys WRT54G2 v.1.0 from scratch


All the discussions on the issue in the other threads just dealt with very specific cases or particular problems. If it is possible for anyone, please could you give me a way of setting up the two using my Windows Vista Dell Inspiron 1525 - that hopefully does not require the damned CD software - from scratch.

The first time I set it up two months ago, it worked after eight hours with the CD but largely by accident. But a few days ago it started giving problems on another computer which was wirelessly connected to it and also my utorrent was restricted to download only at a few kilobytes per second despite having the 1MB connection. A friend of mine tried to set it up all over again but failed and messed it up in the process. I tried different manual ways of setting it up from the internet but none of the solutions worked. So now I have reset the router and am using the net from the HUAWEI modem directly.

Could someone give me an easy step-by-step way of setting the two up? I've wasted two whole days trying but have not been able to manage anything. I don't understand the technical terms list DCSP etc either.

I swear to God I never thought setting up a router would be so hard or hating Linksys so much would be possible.

Assistance appreciated.

Also, any alternative router that could be recommended which would make everything much easier? The guy at the Linksys tech support said that this router is officially not compatible with ADSL. I read somewhere that getting an ADSL 2++ - or whatever that is or means - compatible router makes everything very easy? That true? If so, which one of those can be bought from Hafeez Center.

Sorry about posting this as a new topic. I have made it as a post in the sticky wala topic so could the admin please delete this thread.