Serious Problem With my DG31PR Board

Salam All,

I m having a serious problem in my pc having gaming concern....i hav upgraded my pc 4months ago & its spec r;

Processor: Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs)

Memory: 1GB RAM

Display: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT-512MB-DDR2 (Inno3D)

Harddisk: 250GB

OS: Xp-sp3

Motherboard: DG31PR

Now the issue is whnever i use my pc as watching movies,listening songz,browsing,downloading & using heavy softwares,my system goes act as normal bt whenever i play games like COD4 Undercover etc,somewhere my pc hangs & restart after timeout..Not every time bt often regularly, while loading maps or in between game level...I hav chked diferent methods like,scanning latest antivirus (updated),no virus i m 100% sure...,installing new windows, Installing new ram, changed new power supply , bt its nt fixed...Now i talkd 2 my vendor,he said tht the motherboard is not compatible for high level gaming...i should use 3rd party boards like MSI, etc... If any one knws better for this kindly plx help me wht 2 do.... i m realy sad due to this.... :(

Are all the fans in your PC working properly? That includes fans on the graphics card etc. Sounds like an overheating problem.

The 'motherboard is not compatible' reasoning seems stupid and illogical. There's no such thing as a motherboard not compatible with high end gaming...

yeah sah is rite... kick ur vendor's a** .... gaming is related to graphics card, ram and u get a bsod error before restarting?

could be a gpu problem

Thankx every1 4 a gr8 i m software engineering student, i hav mch xperince in software level in system..I install my os by myself & by my selfmade slipstreamed windows xp sp3,which i tested on several systems.its runing f9..never got any bsods etc...I also chked temp through the software name " EVEREST Ultimate Edition v4.60 ", its showing me normal softwarez runing f9,caz tried all possible wayz,formatting,change os etc.... whn i talkd to vendor,the problem was he was saying tht the issue is in motherboard & i said its in gpu i knw he was trin 2 catch me.... Now hw can i chk my gpu hardware tht is it working proper or not....caz 2day i played there wz no such hanging goes normal....& i hav updated also to latest drivers of gpu.......I only get hang whn cod4 map is loading or mohaa map is loading or where undercover game shows me high graphics envirnoment....

yar u hav a low end better use low resolution wid low details as these r quiet heavy games...mine 8600gt does hangs sometimes when i try to max out settings during game...i m sure it wont hang anymore....if still facing the same prob...get ur frnds gpu for testing the only easy way u can determine whether prob is wid gpu or sth else is creating probs

Try playing a game with open casing, to add some ventilation. Sometimes ambient heat is the issue, makes your GPU or CPU mess up.

That and, could be a power issue. What power supply do you have ? Always ensure ample power during gaming.

Given the awful after support sales you will get in this zardari-ed state, try to find a work around.

Oh, and you arent trying to overclock the GPU are you ? Im pretty sure that will be a no.

Personal bet would be faulty chinese power supply.

ya ventilation is ok caz i hav also attached a fan for exhaust....& i m also using chinese supply bt its working & i m nt getting hanging issue till yesterday....& i also nt overclocked it caz i knw it will create issues 4 me....

man your powersupply is low....

upgrade ur powersuply

how much is your power supply??

Now i talkd 2 my vendor,he said tht the motherboard is not compatible for high level gaming.


ok thats just bull$%, your motherboard is fine, try playing around with the game settings and turn them down,

see if there are some other programs running around in the background which are conflicting the game as it is running and turn them off.

8500gt ddr2 is a crap card, change it to at least a 8600 ddr 3 card, all ddr2 cards are not recommended for gaming +sigh+

why are you using sp3? have you tried it on sp2? sp2 is the ideal compatible os for gaming and your mobo is fine for gaming. just re-install your windows to sp2 (format the current partition), install latest DX with all the updates, latest WHQL verified GPU driver from Nvidia's site and see if it works. i am very sure that it'll work.

actually Shoukat asked you a very good question. how much is your power supply?

Thankx every1 4 reply....actually my supply is 400W & as jack said 8500 is crap,he is right,i supposed tht its good for gaming & cheap card bt its really crap...i knw the issue is in gpu...i will replace it someday....thankx every1 again.....

Dont trust chinese power supply :P I am sure it aint 400 Watts.

SP3 sucks for gaming , even i cant minimize a game when playing.

If it happens for all the games ,its definitely a GPU fault.

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man your powersupply is low…

upgrade ur powersuply

how much is your power supply??


shoukat is right upgrade your PSU

i used to have the same problem it was solved by psu upgrade try coolermaster psu

i think power supply is the apperant trouble creator u shud replace.......... & plz dont get another chinese crap............

i am little confused about motherboard............... i know compatability issue is a crap......... but guys dont u think that motherboard can have a considerable impact on the data flow speed or

bus speed, which could also be the cause of subject problem. u know that on high resolutions data transfer rate btw periferals is increased and motherboard is unable to meet the load due low standrd or data flow rate........... etc......

please comment in this perspective as well.........

little secret: i m also using chinese modem & power supply in my computer.......... but it is working fine .............. lucky me (pak cheen dosti zinda baad ;) )

but truth is that they cant stand long enough against high end gpus particularly when u r using additional fans for cooling.......

thats why i use a secong power supply to connect my hard disks and DVD Drives. All four on secondary power supply while the board and a fan on PC's power supply

^^^can i use second powersupply for GPUs with 6pin connector

I think you can, havent tried it myself