Selling RapidShare Premium accounts @ $1 a month

hello all,

i'am selling rapidshare accounts @ $1 a month

so if you want a account till dec 2009

it will be $12...

that easy..

if you want to buy a account.. say what expire date you want..

just reply here or add me on msn:


wait for an experienced person to first check it it cud b a trick so beware

i always proof with screenshots and everything!!

please post screenshot

what expire date do you want?? i will pm you screenshot..


it is legal or illlegal a/c ... or ... what is method of payment.. through mobile card or what ..??

lol paypal,moneybookers,lr

like i said just say what expire date you want and i can send you screenshots and all the stuff

hmm man its hard to use paypal here in pakistan let me know something else...

any other way then??

I want an account that expires on March 2009. Send me the screenshots at

ok e-mailed you the screenshot...

still have many accounts!!

anybody else??

^ Are the accounts legal or illegal?

i want the account for two months , email me the screen shots at

ok e-mailed you the screens.. anybody else??

@rswarez: You have not answered my question. Are the accounts legal or illegal?

@sah.. ofcourse they are legal.. lol..

nobody selling illegal accounts

^ You'd be surprised. We don't allow illegal items to be sold on this forum. If anyone has information contrary to what rswarez has told me, please let the admin team know. Thanks!

hey sah. didn't you notice his nick rswarez :/

^ I did. But then again its just a nick!

Is your paypal a verified account? or is it unverified? As long as I know I can get my money back and take proper legal actions (via Paypal), I am happy with any deal with anyone :)