Selling BFG Geforce 9800 GTX OC


I am selling BFG Geforce 9800 GTX OC with 9 months warranty of galaxy, do make an offer




First mention your demand, only then one can negotiate!


my demand is between 15k to 18k , so tell me your price Bughlol


pictures ?


how to upload an image on this forum , i am kinda new here


use any pic sharing site and post the links here.


zarrukh>> u mentioned in another post that u are selling your whole computer,,,what else r u selling ??


this is link to the images



22'' Samsung 2232BW LCD

Intel C2D 8400

Intel DG33FB

BFG Geforce 9800 GTX OC

Kingston 4GB 667 DDR2 RAM



YONG YANG Server Casing

Corsair 620 Watt Modular Power Supply

Creative Audigy Soundcard

320 GB Internal SATA2 HDD

External HDD


what i am going to get for processor , motherboard and ram , i bought in may so warranty is not the issue


C'mon yaar


How much are you asking for the whole system?

And can you tell me the prices separately as well?

Which external HDD do you have?


The NEW Prices Are here you bid for it

22'' Samsung 2232BW LCD RS.24000 (used 10 months)

Intel C2D 8400 RS.14400 (used 5 months)

Intel DG33FB RS.7850 (used 5 months)

BFG Geforce 9800 GTX OC RS.19500 (used 4 months)

Kingston 4GB 667 DDR2 RAM RS.5300(used 5 months)

YONG YANG Server Casing Rs.4000

Corsair 620 Watt Modular Power Supply Rs.9500

External HDD WD 120 passport Rs5000

These are the new prices so you bid for it


You missed:

Creative Audigy Soundcard (Audigy1 or 2 or value?)

320 GB Internal SATA2 HDD (Seagate or WD?)

And i actually inquired your asking price.


Internal WD HD 320

Creative Audigy 2 ZS

you give me your bid and then i will tell wht i am asking, u can understand that , maybe your bid price may be right for me


New prices of those two?

Is the HDD 8MB or 16MB Cache?

How much are the power supply, Internal HDD and Sound card used?

Condition of everything?

Reason for selling?


it's 16MB WD which cost 4500

and sound card cost 4000

brand new

i dont know about how much power they consume but my power supply can hold up to full SLI graphic card

i am not selling my either HDD beacuse it contains my data

they reason, my exam are coming i wont be using these and after that i will be needing a laptop , no time to set


Sound card, Monitor and Hard Disk interest me. Although you said you won't sell the HDD so that leaves the other two. The problem with the monitor is that it's 22" whereas i was looking for a 19" and the power consumption of the monitor is 50w whereas i had something around 20w in mind since i need a light monitor to work properly on my UPS. Anyway, i'm sending you a message.


i was first interested in 19 but samsung caught my eye a 22 inch 2232bw is a beauty , so i bought this one , this time i will buy 17inch notebook