Sellin graphics card

I have MSI ATI X1600pro, 512mb and 128bit PCI X card. I would like to sell it but not sure what price to put for it. SO any idea???

Around 1200 would be good.

You get a new 1650 Pro for 3000.

1100 my offer if u r in karachuuuuu

both of these are ripping u off the 1650 is superior to the 6600gt so at the very bare minimum and least it should go for 2500rs dont let it go less then that its a very potent card....brand new in agp is still worth a lot!

Where do u live?

Well, I really dnt know what price to put but I bought it around Rs.8500 when ATi launched X1600 Series. It is an PCI express card and Ive played many games on it, including FEAR, half life 2, COD versions, Crysis, Recent NFS, Rainbow six and others, currently I am playing Prince of Persia on it.

I live in Islamabad

kindly tell me in whcih city this is available