Self finance mbbs in rmc?

hi i want to know if i can do self finance mbbs in rmc

there web site is crap and is not updated from 2 to 3 years

so if some body in rmc can tell me if i can do mbbs in rmc on self finance

No you can't. Self finance was abolished by the government throughout government institutions in Punjab. I study at RMC feel free to ask anymore questions you might have.

hmm what is the last date of submission of addmission form and what is the entry test date

You will find that info in the newspaper in about a months time probably. The entry test is usually somewhere in september-october. I could have gotten you more information but summer vacations so im home in lahore :)

ok thanks brother for your information

what is the process of admission in rmc

You give the MCAT. Then they make a merit list based on your mcat result and ur FSC/A-Level result. Get into the top 1350 candidates and your sure of a spot at rmc.