SE W810i for sale


Brand new bought from abroad. Almost zero meter. Complete accessories with 512mb card.

Don't have the pics, but i can guarantee that the condition is BRAND NEW since it's from abroad.

P.s. offer is valid till only TWO days. After that, mods are requested to close this thread.

Price: 10,000 final.






Its Abroad Set... So.. It net worth is Approx 3k or 4k ...!!!

I have abroad set of Nokia E51 , And I jst got in 9k



Let's make a deal. You get me that phone in 4k and i will purchase 5 of them from you. And if you don't, you purchase the same phone from me in 50k? Since you said that with so much confidence, i believe you will have no problem with it.


Deal #2: I'm ready to buy your E51 in 10k. Reply back and let me know your number too. I will contact you for it.

So do we have both the deals? I hope so since you were so confident.



hussainmansoorus made some claims and keeping those claims in mind, i have offered him two deals. Let's see whether he accepts my deals or not.

Waiting for hussainmansoorus.