Scene Console Game Release Log [READ-ONLY]


XBOX360: Ride PAL XBOX360-COMPLEX released, 13-Apr-2015

Genre: Racing

Size: 6.88 GB


PS3: One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 PS3-DUPLEX released, 25-Aug-2015

Genre: Action

Size: 13.7 GB


PS3: Madden NFL 16 PS3-iMARS released, 25-Aug-2015

Genre: Sports

Size: 7.46 GB


PS3: Syberia Collection PS3-DUPLEX released, 27-Aug-2015

Genre: Adventure

Size: 3.3 GB


XBOX360: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain XBOX360-COMPLEX (HOT!) released, 28-Aug-2015

Genre: Action-Adventure

Size: 15.5 GB


PS3: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain PS3-DUPLEX (HOT!) released, 28-Aug-2015

Genre: Action-Adventure

Size: 11.2 GB


Wii U: Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper EUR WiiU-ABSTRAKT released, 12-Jul-2015

Genre: Action

Size: 15.4 GB


Wii U: Barbie Dreamhouse Party EUR WiiU-ABSTRAKT released, 15-Oct-2015

Genre: Kids

Size: 3.7 GB


Wii U: Just Dance 2016 PAL WII-PROTON released, 15-Oct-2015

Genre: Dance

Size: 4.3 GB


XBOX360: Madden NFL 16 XBOX360-iMARS released, 21-Aug-2015

Genre: Sports

Size: 7.66 GB


PS3: FIFA 16 PS3-iMARS released, 18-Sep-2015

Genre: Sports

Size: 6.9 GB


XBOX360: FIFA 16 XBOX360-COMPLEX released, 22-Sep-2015

Genre: Sports

Size: 7.9 GB


PS3: NHL Legacy Edition PS3-iMARS released, 11-Sep-2015

Genre: Sports

Size: 6.1 GB


XBOX360: NHL Legacy Edition XBOX360-iMARS released, 15-Sep-2015

Genre: Sports

Size: 7.7 GB


PS3: Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul PS3-DUPLEX released, 22-Sep-2015

Genre: Strategy

Size: 5.3 GB


PS3: Tales of Zestiria PS3-DUPLEX released, 14-Oct-2015

Genre: RPG

Size: 8.6 GB


XBOX360: Just Dance 2016 USA XBOX360-PROTOCOL released, 22-Oct-2015

Genre: Dancing

Size: 7.8 GB


PS3: Just Dance 2016 PS3-DUPLEX released, 20-Oct-2015

Genre: Dancing

Size: 11.3 GB


XBOX360: Just Dance Disney Party 2 XBOX360-COMPLEX released, 23-Oct-2015

Genre: Dancing

Size: 8.0 GB


XBOX360: Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations XBOX360-COMPLEX released, 23-Oct-2015

Genre: Adventure

Size: 7.3 GB