Samsung T519 Ufone MMS Configuration Required

hello guys.

First I'll want to tell you that I dont have the handset. and never used any Samsung handset before.

this is for a friend of mine. and I have tried searching and giving him all the information what I could.

he had tried saving the settings sms received from Ufone twice but that didn't work.

even I have sent him the settings from but he is still not able to send/receive MMS. while I tried to send the same settings from on my own number on Nokia Handset and they were working great.

so I am just considering responses from the users of "Samsung T519(or other similar model) with Ufone MMS successfully enabled" with their experience of any issue while configuring the MMS on the hand set or may be on other Samsung Handset.

thank you

U can mannual configure gprs mms check your phone book and for technical detail check my blog which is in under my signature


Did you read the entire post? if you didn'n then please atleast read the last statement

And next time when you refer a helping ctontent then provide a direct link to that.

I appreciate your concern anyway and i wud like you to place that link if it is realy something diffrent from other stuff on the internet

Thank you

no one with samsung T519 or any similar hand set? Have had such an experience?