Sad News Ufone

ufone closed delivery report message damn man why the closed its so sad. i got the message from ufone.

^ What really?? Some one please confirm as I don't have Ufone.

yaar i have three sims of ufone i got msg on two and from yesterday i noticed i sent some message i dont get delivery report i thouht that some system error from ufone today when i saw the message on my mother's phone i really shocked.

Ok. Can you post the message here same as it was recived on your mothers inbox.

Yep noticing it since yesterday. So much for daily sms packages. Whenever there is an increase in sms traffic they shutdown sms delivery reports.

^ OFFtopic.


Can you come online I need to discuss something.

here the msg

Dear Customer! In order to ensure a high quality sms sending experience for all our valued customers, automatic sms delivery confirmation will not be available.

^ lol good for Ufone customers. Now all the telecom operators will follow this. @#@@!!

yeah very delivery reports now :(

Yea it is confirmed news. I am using Ufone and also got this message yesterday.

I didn't got this message but delivery reports have indeed stopped. This is happening to Postpay customers too and it is a pathetic act by Ufone.

"Instead of adding capacity, let's see - let's shut down delivery reports. Yeah... good idea. Let's do it!"

Unconfirmed reports have been coming in that Ufone and Huawei are not on very good terms right now on some payment related issues.

This sucks.

Without delivery reports you have no f***ing clue if the other person even got your msg.

on average every 10th sms fails to deliver due to crappy service by these operators, but atelast you'd get to know about it.

Now one of your most important sms message might not be delivered and you wouldn't know untill you face the consequences.

F*** you uFone.

P.S. I'm a zong user, but i'm dead sure resta the horde is gonna follow suit after ufone. کیونکہ اچھا کام کرنے میں یہ کمپنیاں دیر نہیں لگاتیں، جیسا کہ 5 فیصد سروس ٹیکس والی حالت میں ھوا تھا۔

^Does zong provide delivery report

and how could it be quality SMS sending experiance when u have no clue if youe msg is delivered or not LAME man :P

@ G.a.m.e

For now, yeah .. they're providing. but i have no high hopes. These jerks wanna maximize profits without worrying about the QoS the customer is getting.

heheh mobilink was not offering this service it alll

ufone should learn from telenor they spend money and expand their sms capacity i think ufone should also updrage their system instead of turning off an important facility

warid just sent a message that they will not give their call/msg notification which says how much money is spent after every call, after 9th march

Govt is twisting telecom sector and they are twisting their customers. Fact!

Warid is working Ok with D Reports till now.