Running TV and DVD player on Squarewave Inverter/UPS. IS it safe?


I am new to this forum. Can some one with solid knowledge about inverters let me know that is it safe to run TV and dvd player on a Square wave inverter. I have got a 600Watts (750VA) ups (squarewave). I have laready checked TV on it,, it works ok but i want to know any longterm effects on tv or dvd player of this squarewave inverter.

Using these things on sinewave inverter are fine but i cant find any info about using these things on squarewave. Also note that my ups is handling the start up surge of both the things when fans are turned off.

Await your replies.


That should be ok. Though you may hear noise or hum in the audio.

Only switching power supplies donot like square wave and these are generally used in computers.