"rub Nay Bna Di Jori" Reviews!?

Has any1 seen the film and got the news about the response of the movie!!!????

I am very curious to watch this movie...

yea its a nice movie

in my opinion movie suks :) really! ghajni is far better then RNBDJ :) my opinion

^no I found RNBJ better than ghajni!!!!

RNBJ was innovative....and more engrossing...

and Anushka rocks...veryyyyy cute!!!

In my personal view.


Acting = better

Direction = perfect,

Story = poor, very common.

Dialogs = Good

Picturisation = good.

Full Cast = normal, not matched with the story line, over casted

Music = not bad

Hit by boxoffice business, because of lead role and good show of advertisement.

Normal Hit according to Big Budget movie

My view to its life. Highest Business opening and Low Business Closing


Acting = better to be hit

Direction = perfect,

Story = good, unique.

Dialogs = Best, (as usual with YRF)

Picturisation = good.

Full Cast = matched with the story line, not over casted

Music = better

I can say it, Hit by boxoffice business, critics, banner, cast, most of aspects

Big Hit, according to Low budget movie.

My view to its life. Low Business opening and Highest Business Closing

my personal rating to both.

Gajni: 5/10, Good, worth to watch

RNBJ: 6/10, Good, worth to watch

I disagree with the music of RNBJ...Its music is above average...

But it depends on personal choice however!!!!

I love the song,, Hum hain rahi pyar ke phir milain gey chalte chalte,,

and humming part of guzarish,,,

music wise i think RNBDJ is far better

What a fazool movie....total waste of time....and who believes this kind of story lines.....

Movies are not to be believed..:|

Yes ghajni is far better then Rnbj

asin looks better then anshuka

aamir looks better then Srk


all indian movies suck till now except "RAND DEY BASANTI"

that was the only good indian movie

any one know its original

dvd release

Rub Ney Bana Di Jodi is Far better than Ghajni. For one its story and Concept is not Stolen Like Ghajni. :P Secondly I liked Anushka more than Asin. Music is better than Ghajni. And Finally, I Think in totality, Sharukh Khan is better than Amir.

As for the topic I would rate RNBJ 7.5/10.

As for the story, i would rate it fail. 2/10 (and that is being generous)

and another strong point in favour of RNBDJ

Gajini is made 4 times before this,, RNBDJ is original script, I beleive making original is lot more difficult then making a movie which is already made in 4 different languages,,

i also prefer RNBDJ on gajini

both movies are better. but i personally dont like shah rukh so i(although many of his movies are good)

Both movies are time wasting... Watch Pind da Gujar ... ;)

both sucks...........

Ghajini = another copy

RNBJ = i dont c anythng good wasting of time