RS and MU Help

When i try to download from Rapidshare or Megaupload On My warid edge Connection it says already downloading Help Plz It Wont Let Me Download anything..Urgent help.Plz Give My a Trick To Bypass This

So many Views and still......Help Yaar !!

mostly wireless services such as warid uses same ip for many connections. i use wc wireless and i have same problem. so its possible that at any time of the day some one is always downloading a file. you should use proxy servers, it some time helps. one of site i sometime use is

check different ip addresses and use them with port into your browsers settings.

good luck.

this is my thread

there is no any option to download RS files from a shared IP until you have a premium account for RS well but you can download from MU by using this extension in firefox

Forget about free RS, get a premium account. It's worth it!