Lets discuss RPGs here. Who else is a fan and what games have you played. What are your fav character classes.


My RPG experience started with Star Wars: KOTOR

I dint knew much abt RPGs back then, so i dnt remember much abt that

Other titles I have played are


NeverWinter Nights

NWN - Shadows of Underentide

NWN - Hordes of Underdark


Currently I am playing NWN2 - Mask of betrayer

I plan to play (in order)

Baldur's Gate 2

SWKOTOR (again)


Fable 2

For NWN, I have played as a Fighter, Ranger and Wizard/Palemaster. Fighter being the easiest and Wizard being the most fun.

So what r ur favs, tips and tricks


i never liked RPG's but after playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Mass Effect i changed my mind although i did play some RPG's before but got bored out after some time


No collection is complete without PLANESCAPE: TORMENT

Icewind Dale is fun, like a D&D Diablo.


Also, salivate at http://DragonAge.BioWare.com

want to play BG2 or NWN2 online?


Yeah I am interested for NWN2


I'm interested too. But I don't know if there are private servers for NWN2.

Midhat, please let me know when you finish MoTB via pm. It's kinda important. =/


wait a month then :D I play very slowly. school's on

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I'm interested too. But I don't know if there are private servers for NWN2.

Midhat, please let me know when you finish MoTB via pm. It's kinda important. =/



No worries, just drop me a line whenever you're finished.

It's an awesome story. I really really like it. What route are you going? Good/Evil/Lawful/Chaotic? And what kind of build? If you've started recently I suggest you take a tank character, especially if you plan to be evil. Nearly all the NPCs are spellcasters except one, who isn't available if you play evil. Also, take all characters with you, no point leaving one guy behind. There is an debug mode code for that, if you google it up.

kr_rs_roster_edit I think.


route depends on mood. I continued with my wizard(17)/palemaster(2) from the original campaign. but the game seemed hard 4 that, so i made a new fighter/weaponmaster. my character is quite strong with its +8 enchanted greatsword with 3 kinds of elemental damage (I named it Freezing Hot Electric Greatsword +8 :)), so i bring my party only for story, usually in puppet mode.

At the end of chapter 1, I spared okku, which i think was a bad choice. So i am thinking of starting over. What say u


The only RPGs I've played in are writing based, so I suppose that's a totally different thing!


+1 to respect :)


trying to play Mass Effect these days...trying because I can't seem to get used to its weapons system :( ...


Well, the other, evil choice is 'One of Many' who is a rogue. Safiya's familiar is also a rogue so I didn't find that very useful. My own build was a female ranger specialising in two weapon fighting. Pretty good all rounder but Okku, whom I saved (coz I was playing a good kitty) is a pretty effective meat-shield and also beast of burden (800 weight capacity w00t, though I later got a Bag of Holding).

I recommend travelling with all companions using the cheat, precisely to get all their conversation options without having to switch party again and again. And with just one extra character, I didn't think it skewed the battles too much.

Your character looks fine, seems like a solid build. Okku is fine if you want to play good, but One of Many is an amusing character too. So it all depends on whether you want good or evil. It has four possible endings. The Good - lawful ending, the Good-chaotic ending, the evil-lawful ending, and the evil-chaotic ending.


For absolute hardcore D&D role-playing as close as possible to pen-&-paper rules, check out The Temple of Elemental Evil - the computer game based on one of the Best Ever D&D Adventures.

Extreme realism (multiple currencies, different storylines based on alignment, a wide variety of NPCs that get to pick their share of the loot first, 50 different types of poisons, and so on) and much better graphics and music than NWN2, although sadly no multiplay capability.

It's also one of the hardest RPGs I've played yet; never before did reaching Level 2 for my characters feel like such a profound achievement :P

Torrents available :cool: along with the Circle of Eight Fan Fixes pack


For playing the Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale series (probably even Planescape) online just download the free GameSpy Arcade matchmaking software.

as for NWN2 I suppose a direct TCP-IP connection is probably possible..not sure


@Lithium Flower

Finished the game. Worked fine. No crashes in the end

[quote=", post:, topic:"]
I'm interested too. But I don't know if there are private servers for NWN2.

Midhat, please let me know when you finish MoTB via pm. It's kinda important. =/



Any people up for some real-life table-top D&D sessions in Karachi?


Damn i started BG2 after NWN2. I have heard it is a better story than nwn2, but the game is just OLD. I played it for half an hr last night but the experience was horrible, given the old graphics and gameplay mechanics. I will try it once again to see if i can play it, otherwise i will switch to swkotor2


yeah, same here. It took until my 3rd attempt at "discovering" what BG2 was about before it became one of my all-time favorites. Wait till you escape Irenicus' dungeon and are out into the city of Amn and beyond to really appreciate the open-endedness of the game world. Here's a few hints to improve your enjoyment;

Download all the official updates and fan-fixes (start from GameBanshee.com or Google for BG2 Fix)

Build a character with decent stats (i.e. 14+ STR/DEX/CON)

USE THE SPACE BAR TO PAUSE THE GAME OFTEN during battles to issue orders to your characters at your own pace.

Trust me, if you played all 3 of those games to the end, you will NOT like NWN2 or SWKOTOR2 more than BG2 :P

If there's any particular nit you have to pick against the game, let me know and I'll try helping you get around it.