Router issue

So tomorrow KESC was at it once again and i think we didnt have light for around 5 hours. 2 hours the light was gone, then for the next 2 hours we were getting electricity but it was sooooo low that it couldnt even make my tube light turn on and the fans were running very very slowly as well. We were getting very very little voltage and my modems and routers were also going crazy because at one time the voltage would go up, then go down then up, then down so the routers and modems just kept on switching on and off and on again.

Since then, I've noticed my Wireless isnt working from the router. The computer which is connected through a wired connection is working fine. I just cant access the router wirelesly. I had changed my router's IP to because my modem was so i was having port forwarding issues so i had changed the ip of the router. I tried logging in with the router's IP ( and it wouldnt log in, Tried the default ip still wouldnt log in just didnt load up the login page. I tried it alot but i just cant get into the router's interface. After getting frustrated i tried resetting the router because i thought that should change the IP back to and reset all the settings and i tried resetting it, Still didnt help i still cannot get into the router's interface.

Any help here guys? I need to get my wireless running and i need to get into the router's interface.

Which router?

Dlink 524

I got in the interface now but wireless is still not working :(

It might be damaged. Have you googled the issue?

Yeap havent found a solution to it yet :(.

The access point is just not showing up on my psp. never happened before.. Even when i just bought the router and connected it directly without any settings or anything it showed me an AP right away on my PSP.. it just isnt detecting the AP now its like its not there.

Is any encryption in use? Also, is it on the matching/correct Wifi channel?

Yeah it was but i turned encryption and everything off yet none of my devices still detect an Access Point..