Rooftop windmills in Karachi

I have observed rooftop windmill installations popping up in Karachi.

There is one near kids university @ S. Faisal. Another one at Askari III bungalow near CANTT Railway station. There is one inside Askari IV that you can see while going over the Millinium Mall flyover.

Does any one know who is installing these and what are the costs?

I have seen windmills in Gharo as well. I think there are NGOs working to promote Windmills in Pakistan.

There is a government sponsored effort for alternate energy sources and we will see more and more wind farms in Gharo and adjoining areas.

What I am asking about is not the industrial wind farm. Its a simple one fan windmill that is installed on rooftops in Karachi. Seems like some one is selling these (maybe imported from China).

they had a windmill set up on marine road powering some of the huge lights here,,,but I think it was justa experiment.

if you go to defence phase 1 market in karachi, some of the billboards lights are also charged by a small windmill attached on top