Results of QoS Survey of ISPs - 2008

Have a look at PTA Qualiyt of Service Survey of ISPs - dated December 25, 2008. Here is the link;

The survey seems like a high school teacher grading a kids paper. On what criteria and parameters have the issued those scores? ISPs people barely talk about seem to have received the highest scores. Anyhow survey seems lame.

They didn't include MBL. #$%# !! :o

ROFL @ survey. Where is Maxcom for Karachi?

no maxcom and no MBL...looks like they weren't even good enough to even qualify for the very poor category :P

Actually, the truth is they are toddlers out there I means PTA as they don't even know how to benchmark ISPs.

Very incomplete analysis.I am jolted with this type of evaluation.Missing MAXCOM "The leader in bandwidth here in KHI" plus where is Nayatel and MBL?

You just need hardly 3mins to read it full. Amazing....

@am4tl,100% agreed.

Considering it a CHILD & TEACHER marking, but even though they have missed very important thing to include that is Grade, No A,B or C.... hahaha.

Where the #$%# is Worldcall ? :o