Resident evil degenaration cartoon or movie?

is resident evil degeneration a movie or a cartoon...just download it n no real humans in it...all characters r animated reminded me of a cartoon series "jhonny quest"

Well yeah! Degeneration is animation movie but how did it remind you of JQ (unless JQ is the only animation series you ever watched)

^coz i luv jhonny quest..only animated series i like :)..btw who the hell giv this damn idea to make it animated...i luv resident evil series specially milla jovovich stunts :)

It cannot be compared to JQ, as it was a 2000 era cartoon and RE is a 2008 animation using the latest technology.

Its animated movie but good one.I really enjoyed its bit like final fantasy series.

but it doesn't make any sense shifting frm reality to animation

^no they just wanted to make a movie with the same animation as they used in RE:4 and they wanted to put "Leon" in the feature film who they gonna put in next resident evil movie (with all the live cast :)). basically "Resident Evil" is franchise now under capcom making movies, games, animations.