Required: Harddisk


Okey im looking for a big big big hard disk, Maybe 500gb+ or more but in the price range of 8-10thousand range.. I have Sata on board and already have a 160gb Sata drive but its almost full and i need another. I dont mind getting an external USB hard disk, infact that would be much better because then i can carry huge ammounts of data easily but the thing is i actually need a Hard Disk to store lots of videos and Tv Shows and other stuff. So i have the option of an external USB hard disk or an internal Sata hard disk. I know maybe the external will be a bit slower then internal one but i will only be storing the data that i dont really use alot so speed wont make alot of a difference for me.

So guys please recommend a good Hard Disk for me with a decent Cache and a good speed. I've looked around at galaxy and ive got an idea that maybe i can get a 500gb in around 10000. Im ready to sacrifice a bit of speed to get 750gb too if it falls in the range. Anyway help me out guys and thanks for the help in advance :)


A Western Digital 750GB is likely to fit in the budget.

Try for Western Digital Caviar SE16 750 GB. It should be close to 10,000 PKR. I am not sure where you can get it though, in local market. Or you can get the same version with 500gb for 7.8PKR from galaxy.