Required:Camcoder in Khi

I am looking for a (maybe used) camcoder. Price can vary on the description of the camera and its used life + plus on the accessories available.

The recording device should be perferable a CD rather than a tape.

just a suggestion:

I have both tape and DVD camcorders and i use the tape one most of the time as some of my memories have faded due to scratches on cd.

so for long term,tape one is better in my opinion. I make a dvd of my videos from the computer.

I know DVD camcorder is easier as u just make the movie and watch by putting it directly in your DVD player and that is why it has become more popular. So if you are a non-techie type of person with little knowledge of computers,go for the DVD camcorder but be sure to make backup DVD (again from computer) if its important.You dont want to loose the video of your child`s first smile or his first steps etc.


i got sony HDR-HC1E camcorder for sale unwanted gift, no recharger , just the camcorder

its in exellent condition , for specs etc just google it

located in karachi

Kamran bhai, Give me your cell number, Maybe I will buy your camera.

My Cell number is : 0313-2317947