Required: 2 to 3 years experience?!

Hi there,

just got my degree, am through with my engineering. and now comes the difficult part, looking for a job.

the problem is everywhere i go i see, "required 2 to 3 years experience"

so how am i supposed to get that experience if all of them wont ake any new guys :/

i checked and others but no luck,

ive done electrical engineering focusing on telecommunications.

Does any one know of any job site or any job that will take in new guys?

how did u guys get a job?? as im having a tough time finding one


Keep trying ad infinitum.

Build your experience and value for the first 3-5 years. Don't care about the money. Learn and build your experience. After that, all these "experience demanding" jobs will be within access.

but thats what i said, asad

there are NO jobs, the only option left would be to beg the companies to take us new guys in and we'll work for free for 2 years :/

Well friend I think you should try in mobile sector, worldcall , ptcl , ZTE , motorola even for intership.

Keep trying and trying

Wish you good luck and May Allah Bless you with a good Job of your Interest.


I would agree with google4u. Try for internship at good companies to build up your experience. Maybe an internship of 1 year can count towards your experience and you can land a job thereafter? You may also land a job where you do internship, if the company likes your work.

As you would probably know, jobs are in huge decline due to recession and most companies are downsizing so it would be rather difficult to land a job. Maybe you should think about doing masters or getting a business degree to complement your engineering degree, till job situation improves?

Anyways, good luck with finding a job. INSHALLAH you will find success soon! :)

Here is my recommendation

Forget about telecommunication, there is no job for telecommunication in Pakistan and abroad. I have seen people who have done there masters in telecommunication from abroad and are jobless so its better to search for another kinda job like web development or software development if you are interested enough.

But if you have PAWWA go for it and stick to the same salary for 2 or 3 years.

^ Why we always need "pawwa" and " rishwat " here ? Thats the question I always ask myself?

By the way I have some of my friends doing internship, to get internship from good place, you need pawwa :) Now ask yourself. Why we need "pawwa "

I heard that Telecom sector is cutting jobs in Pakistan. Ufone, mobilink , ericsson , etc already did.

It will take some time faraz to find your first job, 4-6 months. Just don't give up. Visit job sites regularly. Fresher job openings are rare so don't miss when there is one. Now adays even experienced guys are finding hard to find new jobs due to global economic conditions. Many companies are laying off their employees to counter the economic meltdown. So be patient and hopeful is all I can say. Visit a lot of job sites local and foreign and apply if you find an opening.

If you have friends/relatives in companise then ask them to drop your resume/cv to HR.

Google is the answer.

Thx a lot guys,

and zonglover, G is not always the answer

don't just sit at home...try to get an internship...even if it won't pay but at least you will be getting experience...

Do search google for telecom interview quetions. they will help you a lot