Require information about Warid GPRS unlimited internet package

Can anyone please through some light on Warid unlimited GPRS unlimited internet package. It have heard that it is available for RS500 per month. Is it true? and what is the actual download speed available? Please reply only if you have used it yourself because your replies will affect my decision to purchase it or not.

Thanks in advance

I've used it, its rs500+tax which comes to rs.655 and if you get a line rent of 250+tax itll be a total of rs1000. I got the line rent too but im not sure if its necessary. But itll give 250 free minutes as well. Speed on gprs is good considering its gprs, around 4-5Kb/s, but if you have edge coverage then it'll be worthed as it'll give speeds of about 20-25Kb/s or if its not working good itll give about 10-20Kb/s. And its not unlimited it has a 2GB download limit after which you will be charged 20paisas+tax/mb. Telenor,Mobilink,Zong and Ufone all have these packages now.

as per my information, fair usage policy apply on it... and you can use upto max 2 or 5 GB i guess.

Ufone is giving 1.5 GB under name of "unlimited" :)

Only Zong and Mobilink are giving unlimited right now.

I am Really happy with my Zong. :)

What osman has said is pretty much accurate. I have used it for around a year and half, and one thing it definitely offered me was consistent speed and reliable connectivity. And I mean really reliable.

I have used Zong as well, and it is so-so, but its service can be extremely un-bearable in some areas. When I used it for a few days in Islamabad, it was struggling to even give 3KBps on EDGE, and it used to stop working after half a minute or so, and then work again after 1-2minutes. But it isn't this bad in Lahore, though you'll get around 10KBps average most of the time, with sometimes speed going to 15-25KBps.

If you don't download a lot, then its safe for you to go with Warid. But make an account on their website and keep looking at your billing information to look for extra charged GPRS units.

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keep looking at your billing information to look for extra charged GPRS units.




Their site is always overloaded

I'm never able to get the stats from there

maybe one should try late night or early morning

@Asad I live inside Faisalabad city and i think i should be in edge area because i am right in center of Faisalabad. how can i check if I am in edge area or not? I have a set Nokia 6630.

@ultimate Hero, Brother, do you think zong is compareable to warid in respect of speed and is it unlimited? what are charges of zong and will i need to purchase a post paid or i can also use a prepaid number. Please also tell me does mobile set also affect speed and if my Nokia 6630 will work fine.

As far as mobilink is concerned, i have heard that i sucks when it comes to internet. BTW i am a regular internet user and am a webmaster as well. I do have to deal with payment transactions like moneybookers. Will it be secure for me to use GPRS or Edge?

I do need to upload and download a lot of data as well. Please also tell me what is upload speed of zong and warid comparing it to download speed. I have heard that they use different channels for upload and download so speeds are often different.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance. Sorry for delayed reply, i was away :)

y u don't move towards Ufone or telenor.

ufone postpaid offer unlimited Edge for 500 + tax

But Aliravian said that ufone unlimited means only 1.5gb download per month. It is not enough, i need unlimited bandwith. and please also see my previous message.

ufone postpaid is totally unlimited.

u can download as u wish.

10, 20 30 GB u like

^r u sure??

it was unlimited some months ago, but then there were people on this forum saying that they have put a 2GB cap on that

Ufone didn't have any unlimited internet pacakges last I called their help line, but it could be that the guy didn't understand what I was saying, so its best to confirm again.

Zong works absolutely ridicuolous in some areas, and Okay-ish in others. I used to get 2KBps in Islamabad on EDGE, and around 8-20KBps in Lahore.

Warid's speed was consistent whenever and wherever I used it. 5KBps when it was GPRS, then 20-26KBps on EDGE in lahore after July 2008. But I don't think they have upgraded the rest of the country with EDGE coverage yet. Though you should confrim from their help line.

And you can check if you have an EDGE coverage if an "E" appears on your mobile phone, somewhere near the battery and network signals bar.

But before buying a postpaid connection of any of the companies, you should check their speed in your area on prepaid connection first. Though keep a limited balance in it, as it will drain very quickly.

As for security, you should be ok as long as you are using a nice Firewall and know your way around Internet. You will get lots of Netbios attempts though as they use a private network with a static IP (Though last I was using Warid, their internet traffic was spread between 8 servers each time a request was made).

ufone postpaid is unlimited. ckeck their we site.

zong is also good in my area. giving me 27+ KBps. can reach more but my cell is only 10 class.....