[Request] APA PERRLA

Hello friends.

I have a request i need this software "APA PERRLA"

I have searched a lot too myself but i am unable to find it. It is for research work in studies. May be any one of you can help me with this.

I will be very glad if someone finds it.

Thanks in advance.

Is it free/open source?

Check this out: http://www.perrla.com/Pages/1/2.aspx

Quoting from web-site:

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APA PERRLA is compatible with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th Edition.

APA PERRLA costs only US$ 29.95

APA PERRLA requires a Windows computer (not Mac) running Microsoft Word (version Word 2000 or newer). It is not compatible with any other word processing software.


If that's what you are looking then purchase it from company's website.

As per rules of this forum we. We will not... we shall not help you for piracy. If you are looking for pirated version then I'll request mods to please close this thread.