Removing USB HDD

Sometimes when i try to remove USB HDD, i get error, HDD is still in use. Can i force windows vista to remove USB HDD, if yes then how ?

Or how can i close all opened files on USB HDD ?

Please don't mention removing cable or turning HDD power off.

Is there an icon in system tray for USB harddisk devices? Click on it and select Safely Remove...(blah. blah.) When Windows tells you that its now safe to remove removable harddisk then disconnect the wire.

Did it helped?

Actually i think he(Saad) is trying to say that he gets the error "HDD still in use" or something like it after doing all that u mentioned wampyr.

I have also encountered such error several times while trying to safely remove my USB HDD. Can't understand why it happens that some time windows allows the USB to b removed safely and then again under same circumstances it won't allow it.

Is there anyone on this forum who can solve this mystery?

is window explorer accessing usb drive is opened at that time ........when this error occurs??

this usually happens when your removable media is still in use. e.g when copying from it when you click the safely remove button it will tell you that the device is still in use. 2 more reasons o found where antivirus which usually scan such devices in background and viruses or trojans or etc etc which copies from USB to HD or vice versa.

also there might be a program in your removable media that is running example may be a portable software.

I don't think that there are any viruses on HDD, i am using ESET Nod32 (update it regularly), at least it does not detect any. I have tried disabling Nod32 but i still get the same error.

it mostly happens when u hv a virus in ur system and the virus starts copying the infected files to the removable drive and it is continuously accessing it, that's why when u delete the virus from the HDD it copies back there again and because of the virus accessing the flash drive u cant eject the drive

most viruses turn off the anti virus or render it useless against that virus so u should try a scan with this